Lester Stephenson has more than 20 years of experience in technical writing and workplace curriculum design. His experience covers a wide range of initiatives including operating procedures, job aids, and conducting assessments. He is skilled at collaborating with subject matter experts and engineers to gather information.

Lester is a skilled researcher who can gather useful information from collaboration with subject matter experts, development staff, or from other technical literature. His experience includes reviewing publications and recommending revisions and changes.

Lester is also a published author where he learned to satisfy the most critical readers on the planet–editors.

Lester wrote the following technical manuals:

Audit Skills Course including Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, and Student Manual

Fundamentals of Field Service course including Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, Student Manual, and class exercises

NCCER Intrusion Detections Systems

NCCER Transmission Line System Maintenance

NCCER De-energized Distribution Line Maintenance

Ultima Operator Training

Ultima Micro/Macro-logic Maintenance Training

Ultima ST Maintenance Training

Ultima SU Maintenance Training

Ultima SV Maintenance Training

Ultima TR Maintenance & Operator Instruction Manual

RT 1800 Operation and Maintenance

RT 1800 Die Maintenance Manual

Yamato Scale Operator Manual

Yamato Sigma Scale Maintenance Manual

Yamato RA Scale Maintenance Manual

Yamato RB Scale Maintenance Manual

Yamata Sigma Actuator Maintenance Manual